25 Feb

Nowadays, agriculture is getting great limelight over the air pollution that has been caused by the stubble burning of paddy straw. The state government is giving a great focus to promote mechanization to get rid of the paddy straw without burning it. 

The focus on the modernization of agriculture will make agriculture more sustainable and progressive for farmers. To boost the sector, the government of Punjab has taken some serious steps. The government has reached out to some of the world’s leading FMCG companies for partnering with the state so that agriculture can be boosted with the help of the mechanization. 

Even the WEF (World economic forum) has extended the support of the government so that the agriculture sector can be strengthened and can become more sustainable.

The Punjab government has given this platform to promote new initiatives and to adopt the latest technologies so that the agriculture sector can be improved technically. It would not only help enhance the income of the farmers through agriculture but as well as move up the value chain. 

The summit comes at the time when agriculture is at limelight over the air pollution and the government is putting their best efforts to get rid of the paddy straw with new techniques and technologies. The summit will help the garners supports all the start-ups related to agriculture. 

According to the Indian national news in English , some of the top agriculture players like Godrej Tyson, Spain’s Congelados De Navarra and IFFCO have confirmed their participation in the new approaches and strategies that have been made to enhance the techniques and tools used in agriculture so better production can be done without any pollution. It will highlight the potential opportunities and growth of the agriculture sector so that people get to know about the latest technologies regarding the agriculture system. 

A Punjab government spokesperson says that the new opportunities present in agriculture and the adaptation of new technologies will also strengthen the Punjab ecosystem.

Not just that, the Punjab government had decided to invest Rs. 523 Crore in this and the venture is set to support 10,000 farmers annually. Considering this, the government of Punjab is taking additional efforts to improve the system. Now agriculture and food processing are considered as thrust sectors and it also offers liberal incentives. The state offers a strong infra ecosystem to facilitate the growth of the food processing plants with the help of the three mega food parks present in Punjab that are present at Ludhiana, Phagwara, and Fazilka. 

Apart from that, Punjab is also setting up primary processing centers at several places such as Hoshiarpur, Amritsar, Abohar, and Talwandi Sado just to support all the companies and start-ups that are investing in the food parks. Many leading companies already have started harnessing the opportunity that has been offered by the state to invest in these sectors so that they sectors will get more opportunities for people and people who belong to the food and agriculture sector can earn huge income. 

According to the Indian national news in English, to boost the state government’s crop diversification facility, Sukhjit Mega Food Park in Phagwara is investing Rs. 152 crore for the facility of the Maize industry. 

PepsiCo’s beverage industry has become fully operational in Punjab in the last year within 10 months of application. This will help create new opportunities for people who are working in the agriculture field. 

India’s largest exporter of all the agriculture commodities and processed foods named The Allana Group is also launching the new meat processing plant in Punjab to support the agro people. They have committed to invest Rs. 125 Crore in the industry so that more opportunities can be provided to the people who are working in the agriculture field. On the other hand, the Verka Mega Dairy plant has chosen to build the total investment of the Rs. 358. 

Coca Cola is also planning an expansion of Rs. 200 to Rs. 300 Crore in the Hoshiarpur and LuLu group of the UAE has acquired to expand the existing meat processing unit that is already present in the Dera Bassi. 

These are some of the big moves that have been taken by the government and startups to bring a new revolution in the field of agriculture. 

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